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Diversity in co-creation

The Yokohama Paratriennale is an international contemporary art exhibition held once every three years, born of the collaboration between individuals with disabilities and professionals from a wide range of fields. We prepare environments in which anyone who wants to participate in cultural and artistic activities may do so, unconstrained by obstacles arising from their health or surroundings. Through art and creativity, we unleash, in the form of instructive resources, a variety of innovative and independent perspectives — the unique qualities and talents of those who are called “disabled” — into society. We accordingly aim to realize a form of local community in which anyone and everyone can truly feel they have their own place and role.

Toward a grand urban expansion of the world of the Paratriennale

General Director, Yokohama Paratriennale Yoshie Kris

Through its 2014 and 2017 festival presentations and through the preparatory processes that went into them, the Yokohama Paratriennale has thrown into full relief a variety of the barriers hidden within society, as well as developed means of overcoming them. We are at last nearing our final iteration, set to take place in the year 2020. This is where all of our festival trial runs have been leading. We hope that by the time this concluding installment comes to a close, creative collaborations between those with and those without disabilities will have become naturally established in our local communities, and that they will continue to occur within people’s daily lives. We are now in the midst of deliberations concerning what we can do with the final Yokohama Paratriennale so that this collaborative society may be realized. So that the 3rd Yokohama Paratriennale may be remembered as having contributed to making Yokohama into a city anyone and everyone can live in with ease. With the help of its citizens, we will be propagating throughout society the worldview brought to realization by the Paratriennale, a worldview promoting the vibrant co-existence of diverse individualities. This is what will serve as the 2020 Paratriennale’s theme.

General Director, Yokohama Paratriennale
Yoshie Kris