Yokohama Paratriennale 2017 Timeline

Part1 - CreationPart2 - PresentationPart3 - Document Exhibition

5/27Kick-off Event


Performing Arts Program :
Training, Rehearsal

Visual Arts Program :
Workshop, Open studio

Accessibility Program :
Ambassador, Accesibility Resarch Seminar

10/7(sat)〜9(mon)The Evening Party in Wonder Forest

10/7(sat)Public Rehearsal/ Derector's Tour

Document Exhibition

Part 1 - CreationMay 27(sat) > September 30(sat)

Venue: Yokohama City and others Aiming for an inclusive society in which all kinds of people can actively participate, we present spatial and performing arts in cooperation with citizens, people with disabilities, and professional artists active both in Japan and overseas.

Part 2- Presentation <The Evening Party in Wonder Forest>October 7 (fri) > October 9(mon)10/7 (sat) Public Rehearsal / Derector's Tour

Venue: Zou-no-hana Terrace and Zou-no-hana Park In the various programs, the individualities of the participants and artists from a variety of genres stand out and then blend together. The works and projects produced in Part 1 come together as one in Part 2 and will be presented at the Zou-No-Hana Terrace and Park.

Part 3-Document Exhibition November 8 (wed) > Late January

Venue: Yokohama Rapport 11.8 Wed ▶ 11.13 Mon
ZOU-NO-HANA TERRACE 11.21 Tue ▶ 12.11 Mon
3F citizens space of Totsuka ward general office 12.22 Fri ▶ 12.26 Tue
Sakae Public Hall 2018.1.20 Sat ▶ 1.27 Sat

The exhibition illustrates activities through Part 1 and 2 in Yokohama Paratriennale and travels several venues in Yokohama city.