At Yokohama Paratrienale 2017, a variety of people will participate in all aspects in their respective ways, including on production and accessibility, working together to discover how they can demonstrate their abilities.

Access coordinators and Accompanists

At Yokohama Paratrienale 2014, we were reminded of the accessibility issues for environments in which people with disabilities can produce and appreciate art. We have been working on research for the development and know-how of personnel to address these issues, “access coordinators (those who arrange environments)“ and “accompanists”. Currently, these personnel have led to the creation of even higher quality works.

Access coordinators and Accompanists
Access coordinators and Accompanists

Paratriennale Ambassadors

People with disabilities chosen from the public will fulfill the role of “Pararti goodwill ambassadors” at Yokohama Paratrienale 2017. While discussing “communication” with a variety of members, we aim to remove barriers in society.

Citizen Staff

Yokohama Paratrienale is an art festival created together with citizens. From creating work with artists to support for accessibility, there are fields in which people can come together and demonstrate their abilities, regardless of having a disability or not.