Venue Plan

A huge installation will span the entire venue, creating a mysterious world.
Artists: Yui Inoue, Mitsurin TOKYO, Toshihiro Banba

Yui Inoue, whitescaper, 2014


Concept & Document

The visual concept, developed by contemporary art collective [Mé] will represents this year's festival theme, "sense of oneness". The continuity and evolution of this festival will also be shared with audiences through the display of the documentation of the exhibition. Artists: [Mé], Kounan Fukushi home (textile: mina perhonen)

Drawing for Concept Visual

[Mé] Dissolving into the World 2014

Art Stage

As you wandering into the Wonder Forest, you will enter into an unusual dimension of time and space. The art stage will present art works created by collaboration between individuals with disability, possessing uniquely keen senses, and contemporary artists. Artists : Dialog in the Dark Akira Hiyama × Daito Manabe × Motoi Ishibashi × Kunihiko Morinaga
Atelier Cedar HINOKI × Yuki Kobayashi
Yuji Sawamura × Miwa Kakura
Shuhei Shinkawa × Chikara Fujiwara

Performance Stage

*with voice guide
Invited performers will present unconventional, never-before-seen forms of expression. A contemporary circus show will also take place at this special stage. You can join in a special tour including a boat cruise, an exclusive introduction to the venue, and a dedicated seating section near the stage for the finale.
(Special tour inquires ticket. Click here)

Directed and performed by Keisuke Kanai
Technical direction: LUFTZUG, Yoshiyuki Ebihara
Music direction: Mica Bando
Lighting design: Ryo Nakano
Costume design: Kumiko Takeda
Hair and makeup: Kazuki Fujiwara, Momoko Ishihara

Projects & Artists

-Performance of two people merged-
Performed by Kazuyo Morita, Natsumi Sadayuki

-Performance with Circus artists in Cambodia-
Choreographed and performed by Meri Otoshi
Performed by Sakun, Klaing Vandy, Sarah Roun, Huron Sopheak

-Street dance challenging by amblyopia senior high school student -
Performed by Shogo Kanzawa, Kai Takatsu

-Aerial Performance-
Performed by Aki Yoshida, Kenta Kanbara, Ken Kanokozawa, Mai Nagumo

-Performance by waiters-
Performed by Ai Sato, Ayaka Suzuki, Toru Takahashi, Hiromi, Tsumuri Matsunaga

-Voice guide-
Poet: Mizuki Misumi


Join Us!

-Paratriennale March-
Artist: Shuichiro Sakaguchi


-Ashioto-de-tsunagaro! Project in Paratriennale-
Artist: Odoru Natsuko Ito

あしおとであそぼう!in パラトリエンナーレ

Food Stage

The Food Stage offers snacks developed in collaboration between welfare facilities in Yokohama and food artists. An enjoyable music performance will also be on show. Unique design products made at local welfare facilities will also be sold at the 'Wonder Market'. Artists: Yamamokoyama (yama foods, Mocomeshi, Haruna Nakayama), Takuma Aoki, Katarube-kai, Manufacturing workshop by anGie Seah