As part of the effort to ensure that the Yokohama Paratriennale is a festival in which anyone can participate, she employs the SLOW FACTORY concept of participatory production to collaborate with a wide variety of individuals in the construction of these artworks, in an endeavor that transcends the boundaries of age, nationality, and ability or disability.illustrates the "Shobu style" philosophy of drawing out the personality of each member, and highlighting their richly divergent individualities in all their beauty.


SLOW LABEL, which creates innovative products and ideas by connecting artists with facilities for the disabled, corporations and other organizations, is supported by a staff of local volunteers. Housewives, students, company workers – our volunteer staff is made up of citizens from all walks of life, and anyone is welcome to become a member.

Yui Inoue

Born in Aichi, 1983. Lives and works in Shiga.Yui Inoue developed an interest in two-dimensional weaving that grew into an increasing fascination with its three-dimensional possibilities and the concept of creating works designed to exist in specific locations. Her realization of the possibilities precluded by a life lived constantly on the move prompted her to settle down in Shiga prefecture, drawn by the lakes, mountains, and rivers of the region.Inoue specializes in using weaving and knitting techniques that have evolved as a practical element of our daily lives to create site-specific installations of woven art. She utilizes special shape-retaining fibers to construct three-dimensional works of art.

Reference image : Yui Inoue / Kumo-no-Tori (2014)

Akira Hiyama / DIALOG IN THE DARK × Mizuki Misumi

Arrows of Voice, Map of Words

Akira Hiyama / DIALOG IN THE DARK × Mizuki Misumi

How do blind people navigate our cities, and what do they feel? The poet Mizuki Misumi has translated the perceptions of visually impaired individuals into poems that now serve as "information signs".

Produced by : oblaat


The DIALOG IN THE DARK social entertainment experience has been hosted in 30 countries and 130 cities around the world. Guided by blind guides who are experts in the art of navigating the dark, participants are taken on journeys through total darkness, where they make full use of senses other than sight and communicate with one another as they experience a variety of settings and scenarios.

Akira Hiyama

Born in Tokyo, 1980. Lives and works in Tokyo. Akira Hiyama has served as a DIALOG IN THE DARK guide since 2002. His expertise in navigating the dark has helped to support the experiences of over 10,000 DIALOG IN THE DARK participants.

Mizuki Misumipoet

Born in Kagoshima, 1981. Lives and works in Saitama. Awarded the "Gendai-shi Techo" (Modern Poetry Notebook) Award and the Chuya Nakahara Prize while a student at Tokyo Zokei University, she now composes poems and actively engages in poetry readings as she seeks to convey a diversity of expression through her contemporary poetry.

Reference image : DIALOG IN THE DARK

SLOW LABEL TOKUSHIMA × isabelle boinot

SLOW LABEL TOKUSHIMA × isabelle boinot

French artist isabelle boinot has collaborated with the Tokushima Vocational Support Council for the Disabled, a nonprofit organization which produces indigo-dyed products using natural lye fermentation techniques, to produce items designed with a motif depicting the sights and impressions gleaned by the artist as she visited facilities for the disabled around Tokushima prefecture.

isabelle boinot

Born in Niort, France in 1976. Lives and works in Paris.
isabelle boinot enjoys a versatile career as an designer and producer of books, notebooks and advertising flyers, a creator of artworks that use illustrations, photographs or collages, as well as an art object designer and an illustrator, with her works introduced and sold outside traditional mainstream channels. As a founding member of the Frédéric Magazine contemporary graphic artists collective, she is active in many projects related to the collective exhibitions and magazine.

SLOW LABEL TOKUSHIMA(Tokushima Vocational Support Council for the Disabled [NPO])

An organization comprised of 32 Tokushima prefectural facilities for disabled individuals including vocational facilities, employment transition support centers, continuous employment support centers and community activity support centers, this council teamed up with SLOW LABEL in 2013 to produce the natural indigo-dyed "BLUE BIRD COLLECTION" and is currently engaged in expanding its activities throughout Japan.

Reference image : isabelle boinot


sing a sewing


In this project, members of the Konan Welfare Center give free rein to their impulses as they embroider fabrics from the fashion brand minä perhonen, resulting in a body of products rich in artistic character.

Akira Minagawa

Born in Tokyo, 1967. Akira Minagawa is the designer behind the minä perhonen fashion brand. He launched his brand "minä" in 1995, changing the name to "minä perhonen" in 2003. He uses originally designed fabrics, which tell their own unique stories, in his clothing production, and collaborates with textile districts in Japan and overseas to develop new materials and technologies.

Konan Welfare Center

Located in a quiet neighborhood in Yokohama's Konan ward, the Konan Welfare Center serves as a community activity support center for individuals with disabilities. While the majority of Konan Welfare Center members have intellectual disabilities in addition to conditions such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and heart disease, they are also possessed of an abundance of sensibilities and rhythmicalities that find expression in their artworks. The center has been participating in SLOW LABEL activities since 2012.

Reference image : Akira Minagawa

Yokohama Standard Promotion Council Attend Service Workshop

Yokohama Standard Promotion Council Attend Service Workshop

Yokohama College of Art and Design

Wheelchair Cushion POCOs Making Workshop

Yokohama College of Art and Design

Reference image : Yokohama College of Art and Design

Yokohama Paratriennale 2014