We will harness the power of art to create opportunities for a diverse range of people to meet and work together,
contributing to a society in which everyone has a sense of their place and role.

An opportunity to introduce the world to innovative new art

In this exhibition, Yokohama presents the world with new forms of artistic expression that are made possible by the joint efforts of individuals with disabilities and professionals from many fields who have invested time and effort in the pursuit of artistic experimentation and new challenges.

A place to foster the development of first-rate "accompanists"

By focusing the spotlight upon the "accompanists" who support the creative endeavors of individuals with disabilities, we seek to discover and nurture them capable of making the most of their unique perceptions and sensibilities as we provide opportunities to build and share experience and expertise.

A festival for all, regardless of one's level of ability or disability

Disabled and non-disabled individuals work together to staff the venues, assist with artwork production and perform the other tasks necessary for the operation of this event, while also putting their encounters and experiences to practical use in the outside world.

A means of working to eliminate the obstacles in our society

Individuals with and without disabilities work together to design and develop an exhibition that offers all visitors easy venue access and an enjoyable experience, and in turn apply what they have learned to society as a whole.

A way to challenge conventional wisdom and create a new future

By providing a platform upon which to reconsider the preconceived notions and accepted values of our society, we take a fresh new look at what it means to have a "disability," and strive towards a future society in which the word "disabled" has ceased to exist.

Yokohama Paratriennale 2014